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    Our Philosophy

    Pacific Pointe Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm founded on the belief that big banks and brokerage firms have become too large and conflicted to effectively meet the needs of private investors. We have made it our mission to provide non-conflicted, prudent investment advice to our clients. We do not sell any in house products that benefit our firm, nor do we receive commissions or incentives from other organizations.

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    Why Pacific Pointe

    We offer our clients solutions other firms can’t by doing the following; We do not sell or offer any type of investment products. We offer objective advice and prudent judgment. We provide proprietary research, focused on identifying boutique managers with exceptional track records. We do not subject our clients to a revolving door of financial advisors. We align our interests with those of our clients. Bottom line – we have the privilege of managing your wealth, and we intend to include you in all important asset management decisions.

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    What We Do

    Historically, the prevailing belief has been that bigger is better, and larger financial institutions are more safe and secure.  This age old adage is now being questioned as a result of the events that occurred in 2008.  Pacific Pointe, by design, is structured to fill the gap where the mega investment firms fall short. We not only add significant value to our clients’ financial solutions but also have structured a firm that can give them the service they deserve.